The BR1000 is made by Body Sculpture, a company which was established in the United Kingdom in 1965.

The BR1000 is a simple rowing machine that is aimed at people who are looking for a simple home exercise machine. The machine requires some assembly out of the box and is a hydraulic resistance machine.


It is important to distinguish the difference between a rowing exercise machine and a rowing machine. Simply put, rowing machines simulate the experience and body movement that you would get when rowing in a boat on water. A rowing exercise machine is a piece of equipment that simulates the upper body movement only. The main difference is that the legs are a key part of actual rowing and many hydraulic machines . There is no problem with this but it is important to understand the difference so that you know exactly what it is you are buying.

Overall the BR100 performs quite well. I am 80 kg and 5ft 11″ and was comfortable able to use the machine without any awkward adjustments. There are 12 resistance levels but it can be hard to distinguish between the low – mid level so I simply use on low or high. The top level of resistance is not particularly hard but I could definitely feel the burn anytime I used for a sustained period.

The monitor is very basic and I would not put a lot of faith in the metrics that it offers. One stroke is often counted as 2-3 strokes so it is hard to believe any of the more complicated metrics such as calorie count. As a result the timer is the only piece of data that I am concerned with when I use this machine.



  • Good value for money
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Lightweight machine
  • Great for lower level users.


  • Handles ware down and come off easy
  • Highest resistance level is not particularly strenous
  • Pressure cylinder can be quite loud and screechy
  • Very simple monitor with limited functionality
  • It can be awkward to store


The BR100 is a no frills simple piece of equipment that does what it says on the tin. At this price point it is excellent value for people who are seeking a simple rowing style machine that will not break the bank.

Although not a true rowing machine, the BR100 is capable of delivering a decent workout that will hit all the major back muscles. If you prefer to workout using a machine this piece of equipment is an excellent complement to a weight bench/exercise machine as it provides you with workout options for your back that you may not currently have. It is also a good option for warming up/cooling down as it hits some of the major muscle groups and resistance can easily be adjusted depending on whether you are looking to decrease/increase intensity.

Hydraulic rowing machines may very well be a thing of the past soon, but this is one machine that budget level hydraulic can deliver excellent value if designed correctly.