Concept2 Model D review

The Concept2 Model D was first brought to the market in 2003. Since then has established itself as the gold standard for indoor rowing machines.  It is the most well known rowing machine in the world and is consistently named as best indoor machine available on the market today.


PerformanceOverview Concept2 Model D

Ergonomically the Model D is very well thought out. The footrests are easily adjustable and the handle has a 10 degree bend which allows you to row in your own natural rowing position. The seat is comfortable and glides easily on the frame.  At 274 cm x 122 cm with a weight capacity of 227kg the machine easily caters to all body types.

The flywheel itself is quite smooth and is relatively quiet when compared to other air rowers but if you row hard consistently it will create a swooshing noise that may be heard in other parts of your living space.

There is a spiral damper on the side of the flywheel that offers resistance levels of 1-10.

PM5 close up

The PM5 performance monitor is what sets the Concept2 Model D apart from other rowers. The PM5 offers data such as speed, pace,distance, calories, and watts. It also offers preset workouts, games and has Bluetooth and USB connectivity that allows you to pair with compatible heart rate monitors. The back lit interface is easy to navigate and is available in multiple languages.

The model D is also supported by the Concept2 ErgData app. The app is available in both Android and Apple and . You can really get hooked on tracking your progress and goals with the app and the app allows you to upload all your workouts to the Concept2 Online Logbook which is an excellent resource which is also compatible wit the PM3 and PM4.

Model D data



  • Superior performance- The Model D provides a excellent workout for both elite-level and beginner rowers.
  • Excellent Performance Monitor- The PM5 is an easy to use user interface that offers superior functionality compared to every other rowing machine available today.
  • App- The ErgData app links with PM5 seamlessly and  provides additional performance statistics and can store and display your workout results.
  • Easy to store-the Model D has a quick release mechanism that allows you to easily fold the machine in two. It also has caster wheels which makes it easy to move when storing.
  • Extremely durable machine- The Model D is sturdy and built solid. It requires very little maintenance.
  • Warranty- The Model D comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame and 2 year warranty on the parts that offers you peace of mind.
  • Support- The Concept2 community is a fantastic resource and offers a wealth of information that will help you to improve your workouts and technique.
  • Simple and quick set up.


  • At 96” long you will need a decent amount of space to use the Model D which may be a problem for some.
  • The air resistance flywheel may be too loud for some living spaces.
  • It may be a bit too pricey for beginner/casual users.


The Concept D is the world’s most famous rower and is easy to see why. It is the machine of choice of rower for both beginner and professional rowers alike.

It provides a great workout and offers clear data and performance stats through the PM5 interface and the supporting app.

In my opinion the best thing about the Concept2 Model D is its durability. Simply put, this machine is built to last. With just a little maintenance you may never need to buy another rowing machine. When comparing to other rowing machines there is no doubt that there are better looking and more competitively priced options out there but I really think that this machine provides excellent value for money.

I cannot recommend this machine enough.